Ginger Gorman on What You Don’t Know About Trolls

Trolls. Once upon a time, they were simply hiding under a bridge that the Three Billy Goats Gruff walked over, or those cute bright haired dolls you saw in Toys R Us, but now it has a much more stomach churning and sinister meaning. The online world has, for some, turned into an evil and aggressive domain that has unfortunately migrated into the real world; with victims of trolling often subject to threats of physical harm, and some even being tracked down and harassed in person. 

While most of us think trolls are uneducated people living in their parent’s basements, investigative journalist, Ginger Gorman, discovered that trolling has become akin to a professional career, with international syndicates built on trolling, yes, really. 

After being subject to a stream of vicious attacks, Ginger decided to write a book on the inner workings of a troll. Speaking with trolls, victims of trolls, academics and law enforcement, Ginger dismantles the stereotypical view of trolls, and uncovers something a lot more complex and corrupt..

Ginger Gorman chatted to Mick about the surprising common denominator between trolls, the everlasting pain inflicted onto victims, and why she needed counselling after writing this book.










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