Give a cluck about your eggs!

Do you like your eggs scrambled, poached, fried, how about in a cake? No matter your style, the fact remains that eggs have many great nutritional benefits and are a big part of Aussie cooking. We get the choice in the supermarket between barn laid, cage and free range eggs. Lots of people choose to pay a bit extra for peace of mind but what does free range really mean? The pictures on the cartons seem to suggest hen paradise with wide open fields.. but is that really the case?

Currently there’s no national legislated definition of ‘free range’, so it’s hard to know if you’re getting what you pay for. Consumer Ministers are in the process of developing a national standard, setting clear rules for which eggs can claim to be free range and which can’t. CHOICE is the leading consumer advocacy group in Australia. We have Katinka Day who runs CHOICE’s free range egg campaign joinied us on the line to talk more about free range egg standards.

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