God Bless You, My Son

This week on Across The Park, we don’t get off to the best start. Everyone on the team had bad days, and it showers! But, as we are professionals, we forged on and talked about Cameron Smith’s new statue that looks nothing like Cameron Smith, we enjoy a bit of random feedback, Gaby getting hit on the head in the bathroom, Mick’s new software, Gaby’s raspberries, Joel gives everyone some homework, our NRL preview for season 2021, who the New Zealand Warriors are, 5 teams with new coaches, Melbourne back-to-back chances, whether Panthers can go on another hot streak, will the Titans and Dogs get better after buying well, the Sharks struggle, which coaches will get the sack, our predictions, Joel presses the wrong button, Laura Peel’s crazy ski jump at the FIS World Championships, and a game!

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