Gram Cafe’s ‘Jiggle Wiggly’ Pancakes

In this first episode of Tummy Treasures, Lachlan visits Gram Cafe in Chatswood to taste the renowned 5cm thick pancakes they’ve been serving since 2019! Appearing on almost every Sydney locals Instagram story for the last 3 years, these pancakes haven’t become a cultural phenomenon for no reason- they’re delicious!


Manager of the cafe, Michael, says that the pancakes are inspired by a number of different global cuisines, including French souffle’s and Japanese desserts. So it’s little wonder why, having combined so many of the great food cultures on a single plate, these pancakes have become such a success.


If you want to follow along with the Tummy Treasures journey, make sure to tune in to Chewsday Drive from 4pm or check out the series on Instagram @sydneytummytreasures.



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