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Today’s Great Conversation is with Lynne Vincent McCarthy. Lynne is a screenwriter and director with years of experience in the Australian Film industry. Her debut novel is Lonely Girl, a taut psychological thriller set in the wilderness surrounding Hobart.

Lonely Girl

Ana has lived alone since the death of her Grandmother. Her mum died when she was young and she nursed her grandmother through the last years of her life. Only her dog River has been there throughout, so when he is diagnosed with cancer she prepares for the end of his life and contemplates her own.

On the night she has planned, Ana witnesses a woman being dragged into a van. On investigating she sees what she believes is a consensual encounter. That is, until the woman is found murdered the next day. Ana questions her memory, and when she encounters the man she saw at the murder site, Ana instinctively runs him down.

Has Ana made a tragic mistake or avenged a woman’s murder?

What Violence are we Capable of?

Lonely Girl asks the reader what are we truly capable of and what could drive us to violence. The novel also engages with the issue of violence committed against women by men and the culture of fear that women live in every day. As Ana searches for answers she discovers that her world is darker than it seems and she may not necessarily be standing in the light.

Lonely Girl is out now from Pan Macmillan

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