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Today’s Great Conversation is with debut Australian author Tracy Sorensen. In today’s conversation Tracy talks with Andrew Pople about her debut novel The Lucky Galah.

The Lucky Galah takes us back to another version of ourselves as Australians. Throughout the 1960’s Australia played a key role in the race to the moon with radar sites across the country rising up to assist NASA in tracking and broadcasting missions into space. Evan Johnson arrives in Port Badminton, a remote coastal town in Western Australia, to work as a ‘tracker’ a radar technician coordinating communication with the heavens. As they prepare for these historic events, Evan’s family and the other various residents of Port Badminton are watched over by a most unlikely observer; a young Galah named Lucky.

Tracy Sorensen creates a unique and engaging voice in Lucky, plunging us into the depravity of domestic captivity and lifting us up with Lucky’s cogent insights into the Australia she sees aroundher.  The Lucky Galah explores the legacy of the so-called lucky country, engaging with our current history and asking us what comes next?

The Lucky Galah is out now from Pan Macmillan

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