Green Roofs Boost Solar Power

Think Sustainability

Episode 151

Green roofs have a myriad of benefits including attracting biodiversity, reducing air pollution, storm water runoff and the urban heat island effect. Did you know that green roofs can also improve the efficiency of solar panels? In this episode we explore how integrating a green roof  with a solar photovoltaic panel system (known as a biosolar green roof) can boost the solar energy output.

In the second half of this episode we look into some incentives that could increase the uptake of green roofs.


  • Dr. Peter Irga, environmental engineer at the University of Technology Sydney.
  • Robert Fleck, research engineer for the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology and PhD student at the University of Technology Sydney,
  • Jorge Chapa, Head of Market Transformation at the Green Building Council of Australia.

Producer/Presenter: Marlene Even
Music: Epidemic Sound


Photo: Biosolar green roof on Daramu House in Barangaroo (photo credit: Supplied by Dr Peter Irga)


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