Greg from Deerhoof Loves Music; Life

Greg Saunier is a musician, producer, and composer best known as the drummer and founding member of San Francisco indie darlings, Deerhoof.

Renowned for their lo-fi, experimental spirit, Deerhoof are in town for Vivid to celebrate over two decades of their groundbreaking genre-defying music, for a night of distinctive sounds that traverse classic rock, classical, Tropicalia and synth pop. Deerhoof’s live shows are known for their energy and unpredictability, making each performance a unique, not-to-be-missed experience.

Greg joined 2SER Breakfast to chat about their live shows, spending more than half of your life in a band, how he will mix and master your music and, of course, their deep respect for Australian commercial television.

Wednesday 12th of June, 2024

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