Gunnawirra – Helping Aboriginal Mothers and Families


Gunawirra, a dreamtime word meaning the seed of all creation – is also a not-for-profit inner city organisation made up of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal professionals working side by side for fundamental improvements in the life of Aboriginal families, their infants and children.

‘Auntie’ Norma Tracey founded Gunawirra in 2008 in North Sydney.  This gathering of Aboriginal representatives and elders from around NSW, as well as 22 professionals from psychiatry, psychology, social work and psychoanalytic therapy, agreed to collaborate on how to prevent and reduce harm to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island children, their families and their communities.

To find out more today we warmly welcome ‘Auntie’ Norma Tracey – founder of Gunnawirra and Graham Toomey – CEO, Director, Cultural Advisor and acclaimed Indigenous artist…


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