Has the Day Invaded the Night or Has the Night Invaded the Day? Louise Bourgeois Exhibition at The Art Gallery of NSW

We speak to Art Gallery of NSW curator Emily Sullivan about their Louise Bourgeois exhibition which has been running from 25 November 20-23 – 28 April 20-24

“Day and night, love and rage, calm and chaos, conscious and unconscious. Enter a world of emotional extremes in this exhibition of the art of Louise Bourgeois, one of the most influential artists of the past century.” 

Sullivan discusses how Louise uses passion, nurture and family. She delves into Bourgeois being not only a historic figure but a fierce driving force of the contemporary art movement for over seven decades.

Louise Bourgeois was a strong female artist who never called herself a feminist artist, pathing the way for emerging women in the art world to not let their gender define their art.

A great example being Maman the only spider you’re willing to walk towards which she created at the ripe young age of 85!

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