Hate is a Virus

Racism isn’t getting worse, it’s getting attention. It’s in the Japanese-American citizens being sent to interment camps after Pearl Harbour during World War II. It’s in the Asian-American soldier being pulled out of formation by their platoon sergeant majors to be made an example of “what the enemy looks like”. Today, it’s in the more-than-passing glance on the street or train, because online paranoia goes viral faster than COVID infection itself.

Hate is a Virus” is a non-profit founded in the middle of the first lockdowns in 2020 in response to the spike in anti-Asian sentiment in the wake of COVID. Jason Chu is the Director of Communications at Hate is a Virus. He’s a rapper, an antiracism advocate, and educator. Tuesday Drive EP Jono caught up with him to talk about how his activism has evolved post-COVID, especially in light of the Lunar New Year shootings in his hometown of Monterrey Park several weeks back.

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