Heavy Demo Voume 2

Rik Saunders, host of 2SER’s Heavy Demo program has curated a huge lineup for the second event in his Heavy Demo live series to promote the program and the work of the amazing musicians featured on the program.  For two hours each week Rik invites a guest to share shallow insights on the depths of their vinyl collection with the hope of invoking the spirit of John Peel through a celebration of songwriting.

The House of Music and Booze 161 Princes Hwy St Peters
Saturday 18.03.2023 from 5PM- Late
(every ticket purchase comes with the chance to win a Turntable from our dear friends at Audio-Technica
Rik has put together some notes on the artists who will be appearing on the night below. The following DJs are also helping get the party mood swinging – DJ Jen (Tee Vee Repairman), Yutts (2SER), Sam Wilkinson, Dead Witch, Debaser DJ’s (Oscar Byrne 2SER)

Scott & Charlene’s Wedding:

With what might be S&CW’s only Sydney show of 2023- the Godfather of “Dolewave” Craig Dermody returns to Sydney with his all star band. There aren’t many Australian songwriters quite as endearing as Craig Dermody.He has scored legions of fans since releasing his debut record Para Vista Social Club in 2012. Craig writes real-life drama / humour / sadness / big stories / small stories and love while serving it on a bed of pub rock that wanted to be The Go-Betweens and has ended up being something a little more dishevelled. It’s hard to find a band in Australia today that hasn’t been influenced by the honesty found within Craig’s songwriting.  Memorable hits from Craig’s vast catalogue include: Epping Line, Don’t Bother Me, Scrambled Eggs, Salt in your Hair, Two Weeks, Maureen, Outside World and Footscray Station… Wowee Zowee.

Moody Beach:
Moody Beach is the artistic project of Sydney songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Melissah Mirage. Three E.P.s spanning an alarming array of genres and tones plus an impressive range of collaborations has proven that Melissah has one of the most exciting cannon of songs this country has to offer. After releasing her last E.P. “Assembly of the Wild” which was produced with Kim Moyes of The Presets and armed with her most impressive band yet, this will be a rare performance from Moody Beach as she hits the ground in 2023 to record her debut full length record.

Newcastle upstarts “Dust” have been livening the local scene to an alarming volume ever since they dropped their debut single “The Gutter” in 2022. The track features on a future E.P. which was produced by Wade Keighran of Wolf & Cub (ex The Scare, part time member of Polish Club and more). The exciting offering puts a fresh spin on classic post-punk tendencies. Violent guitars and drums lay the bed to rhythmic vocal melodies which are delivered with spit and venom. This young band has already attracted the interest of artists like Bad//Dreems, Arse, Party Dozen, This That Festival and Part Time Records. With their second single set to hit late February catch them before they disappear on a E.U / U.K. tour with Hockey Dad.

Shogun from Royal Headache’s latest project- meet Sydney’s newest punk band “Antenna”. The band features Amasaki on guitar, Mikey on bass, Huw on drums and Shogun on vocals. According to reports from their first shows this is Shogun’s best effort yet. With no recordings out yet we’ll have to take their word for it. After a couple of years with The Sheets and having formed the Flying Nun-esque, “Finnogun’s Wake” with his pal Finn. Shogun now returns to lead vocals with a new unit and makes the noise he knows best. This time with a restrained focus and having honed a tighter and tougher version of that familiar sound.

D.C Cross:
I once accosted Darren at a pub to tell him how fantastic his latest record was and how I’d heard it on 2SER, fast forward a few months and Daz showed up at Heavy Demo Vol. 1. I couldn’t believe we had royalty in the house. Fast forward another few months and Daz appears as a guest on the radio show, blows my iddy biddy mind with his curation and has me in stitches with his banter. You might recognise Darren from Gerling, Jep and Dep, The E.L.F. or as a collaborator with the godfather of D.I.Y. R. Stevie Moore. Darren joins the line up as D.C Cross which is his instrumental acoustic guitar project under which he has released 3 albums and counting. I was recently mesmerized by D.C Cross and his acrylic nails as he opened up for Ed Kuepper & Jim White. It’s the type of set during which if a pin was to drop, it would quickly get shushhhed down by a transfixed mob for daring to interrupt the spell D.C manages to cast over a crowd. It’s the type of set that inspires you to strive harder in your own artistry.


Monday 6th of March, 2023

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