Helena Fox’s The Quiet and The Loud

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Helena Fox

Helena Fox is the award winning author of How It Feels to Float. Today she joins Andrew with her new novel The Quiet and The Loud

The Quiet and The Loud

George’s life feels too loud. Her best friend Tess has decided to get pregnant at eighteen, but George will be there for her just like she always has been.

She’ll be there for Tess just like she’s there for her family and her friends. George is even trying to find a way to be there for her estranged dad when he calls her out of the blue to drop some world shattering news.

George will be there for them all because she doesn’t know how to not be there for them. It’s all too noisy.

And now with fires ringing the city, her dad’s incessant calls and a new girl appearing on the beach. George can’t help feeling when something might just be for her.

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