High School Link to University Dropouts.

Earlier this month it emerged from the Higher Education Standard’s Panel that a massive 1 in 3 Aussie students are dropping out of University and failing to acquire a Tertiary Education Degree.  This comes with revelations that the National HECS debt is set to hit 70 billion dollars next year, and a quarter of that 70 billion is predicted to be never paid back. Many have used the stat released last week, that 56% of students accepted to University get in on a grounds other than their ATAR, to explain the dropout trend saying University acceptance regimes need a radical overhaul.

But esteemed Sydney Morning Herald writer and University Lecturer Jenna Price, has a different take. She’s saying that our High School system is failing to adequately prepare students for university. The two experiences are so different that students feel disorientated, alienated and a little lost in a university world totally dissident to the High School universe.

To discuss this we have on the line  Jenna Price, Sydney Morning Herald Columnist and Media Lecturer at University of Technology Sydney.

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