Holden Sheppard’s The Brink

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Holden Sheppard’s The Brink

Today we’re joined on the show by Holden Sheppard. Holden’s debut novel Invisible Boys was an absolute sensation, garnering a slew of awards and today he’s joining us with his new novel The Brink.

School’s out and Perth’s leavers are descending on the coast.

Leonardo doesn’t love that he’s found himself in the back of Jared’s 4WD. They haven’t been friends since high school started but since Leonardo’s so-called friends ditched on him he hasn’t got much choice. So now he’s stuck with Jared, Mason, Valentina and just about every other person who made his life hell at high school

When their holiday accommodation decides to turn Leavers away, the group are in search of a new place to party. 

The Brink is an isolated community, famous for its insularity and not known for welcoming outsiders. When Ryan gets them in with a guy called Machete Max, who rents them some cabins, it all seems too good to be true; a week on Brink Island. No adults, no rules, no consequences.

But you know what they say about things that are too good to be true…

And there are always consequences.

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