Honour Our Heroes Relay Walk 2018

It’s estimated that over 3,000 veterans sleep rough across Australia every night. It’s a sobering statistic that shines a light on the longer term impacts associated with serving in the Defence Forces and the difficulties associated with returning to civilian life.

In recognition of this, ‘Homes for Heroes’ provides safe and secure accommodation, as well as rehabilitation services, to returned veterans and their families if they are homeless. The annual fundraising event—Honour Our Heroes Relay Walk—is taking place on Sunday 6 May in Parramatta Park. This community fundraising event supports Australian Defence Force veterans in need of assistance.

There are a myriad of ways to contribute to the event—from volunteering, to donating or potentially even getting involved and walking in the relay. More information at http://www.rslservicesclubs.com.au/HonourOurHeroesRelayWalk2018.

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