House Gigs, Authenticity, and ‘Cocaine, Red Wine’ with Bodywire

If you’re a fan of bands like The Pixies, The Murlocs and the Viagra Boys, you’ll love Sydney-based four-piece Bodywire.

The group exploded onto the scene last year and has been a prominent piece on the Sydney stage, sharing the stage with artists like Gut Health and Radio Free Alice. Known for their electric live shows, Bodywire has become a group to keep an eye on, and their latest single does not shy away from that.

Their latest single, ‘Cocaine, Red Wine’, explores self-acceptance and authenticity in a world that often feels superficial and surface level. Paired with Sid’s excellent vocals, a punchy bassline and meaningful lyrics, this is a notable release for the group – leaving you waiting in anticipation for their next release.

Oscar, Sidonie and Tom joined Dream State host Jas in the studio to chat all about this new release, Oscar being heckled and what’s next for the band.

Listen to their music here, and stay updated with their whereabouts here.



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