How April Fool’s Day Begun

Are you inclined to a bit of tomfoolery? Bit of a prankster? Jokster? Tricksta? Well then April 1st, well known as April Fools Day, must be your favorite day of the year! The one day where you can (almost) get away with playing nasty tricks on your family and friends..but did you ever wonder how the day got started? Little is actually known about the origins of the pranking tradition but new evidence suggests that it could hearken all the way back to the Ninth Century.

Joining us today is writer and editor Dan Kaufman from Media Survival to tell us more..

If you’d like to find Dan’s full fake news history of April Fools’ Day, it and many more fabulous stories can be found at Macquarie University’s The Lighthouse at !

Monday 1st of April, 2019

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