Body Image Issues Plaguing Young Athletes

Mary Cain was the fastest girl in America and was even claimed a teen prodigy at 16 when she was the youngest athlete from the United States to compete at a world championship. However, behind this success, now 23 years old, Mary Cain has uploaded a video accusing star coach Alberto Salazar of physically and mentally abusing her during her time at Nike’s Oregon Project where she was brutally forced to lose weight. This caused her to develop RED-S syndrome, resulting in her missing her period for 3 years and breaking 5 bones. This case is just one of the examples where we can observe the damaging effects of valuing appearances over the true talent of an individual. Georgie Buckley joined us from Mind Body Well Health Professionals where she is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, Sports Dietitian and PhD Candidate, interested in the interrelationship between food and body, specifically that of sport and exercise.

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