How Should the Music Industry Respond to “Problematic” Artists?

Picture Credits: Junkee

NSW musician Julia Jacklin stated via social media that she had “wished the spot had gone to someone else”. She questioned “why [should the ABC and Independent music company ‘Mushroom Group’] validate and reward an anti-mask mandate…guy?” in response to sharing a spot on ABC’s The Sound lineup with QLD artist Ziggy Alberts. Ziggy had shared and promoted a rather controversial view regarding Melbourne’s face-mask mandate on social media in July.

To discuss the topic of whether or not we “cancel” problematic artists and stop promoting them entirely and forever, and how the wider public and the industry could respond to problematic musos, we are joined by Dr. Emma Rush, lecturer in Philosophy at Charles Sturt University and co-author of journal article ‘Musical Genius and/or nasty piece of work?’.

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