How to Change the World and Make Bank Doing It

When was the last time you were confronted by the charity minions of Greenpeace or Amnesty International? They really are everywhere. Putting their dignity on the line for the sake of a better cause, to only be ignored by thousands of pedestrians. Us empathetic individuals really really want to help….. dont we?

Very rarely do we meet these charity workers with open arms. It’s more often than not that we are repelled with fear of potential disease. Charitable marketing is a weird double standard that seems to stand in the way of us and the good causes out there.

Well what better way to bridge this conundrum than to poke a bit of fun at the situation.

The Thespians have taken on the responsibility of this task once again.

Michael Becker & Ian Warwick explore these ideas with their new play How to Change the World and Make Bank Doing It. Running from April 17-27 at Limelight on Oxford.

It’s a dark comedy about a group of charity fundraisers, set in a shopping centre. Their tight knit group of fundraisers are thrown into turmoil by the arrival of a newcomer with questionable motives. It explores charity, commercialism, compassion and apathy. We’ve been asking ourselves the questions; does the end justify the means? how far do you need to go to change someone’s point of view on something? and are we right to try?

Michael Becker talked to Mick about the intriguing incidents that gave birth to this play..



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