The ‘Hug Hormone’ that could make the treatment of Autism more accessible

Almost twenty years ago Autism was believed to be an untreatable genetic condition. But today is better understood as a neurodevelopmental condition, that with early commitment to treatment can reduce an individual’s symptoms and improve their learning abilities long term. But this treatment is timely, requiring between 20 – 40 hours per week for two years but considering that one hour sessions can cost approximately $150 per hour, that treatment is often unattainable for the everyday Australian. Fortunately, new research from the University of Sydney suggests that oxytocin or the ‘hug hormone’ may provide an opportunity to teach Autistic children the social skills and behaviour that we take for granted. We were joined by Adam Guastella, Clinical Psychologist from the Brain and Mind centre at the University of Sydney and the individual behind this fascinating new research.

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