Meet The People Travelling From Germany To Australia By Public Transport

In May 2023, Teresa and Dennis set out from their home in Munich for a journey that they had been planning for many years. They were going to travel from Germany all the way to Australia without taking any flights! Over a year later and they have been to dozens of countries, met countless kind people, and had some strange experiences- all of which have been captured on their Instagram account @Human.Travel.Stories.

Teresa and Dennis are currently in Azerbaijan, which is not quite where they were hoping to be at this point. But due to some problems with finding a boat leaving from Dubai to India, they have made do, and will now be working their way down through Asia until they reach us!

Lachlan A’Court spoke with the two about their journey so far, their experiences in Iraq, and how they even manage to pack for such a journey.

To learn more about Teresa and Dennis you can check out their website here which they will be updating with stories and travel tips as their trip progresses.

Picture: Teresa and Dennis at ‘the edge of the world’ in Saudi Arabia in January 2024.

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