Humans of Eastwood bring good memes to good policies

If you’ve scrolled on your social media feed in Sydney, chances are you’ve come across a post from the folks running the Humans of Eastwood Daily page. This photoblog concept, made famous by pages like Humans of New York, makes it feel like there are actual individual voices behind the monolith of mass media. Marketed as the “modern town-crier and unprofessional journalism in Sydney’s North West”, it’s why Humans of Eastwood Daily have attracted a following of over 57,000 on Facebook and over 14,000 on Instagram. Justin Li, Councilor for the City of Ryde’s West Ward, founded the page in 2015, and he joined Drive live in studio with another of his youth administrators, Cameron Last for a chat about the grassroots community  of citizen journalism he’s built online, and how that translated into his election to the city council.


You can find Humans of Eastwood online on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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