I Believe In Ghosts (with Steve Waugh!!)

This week on Across… there’s no time to finish, WE ARE JOINED BY STEVE WAUGH! STEVE WAUGH! Ok, calm down everyone. This week on Across The Park, we really are joined by ex Australian Cricket Captain and all round incredible player, Steve Waugh. After he enjoys an intro like he has never had, we discuss how Steve began playing cricket and which other sports he enjoyed playing in the west of Sydney, how he used to dream of representing Australia, playing backyard cricket with his brothers, being picked in first grade and then Australia for the first time, getting comfortable being a personality, how he handles being named Australian Father Of The Year, Steve’s early tours through India, how his new book The Spirit Of Cricket – India came about, the wonderful photos inside the book, how to take a great photo, games being played on top of other games, Sachin Tendulkar, possible new books (we get the scoops here!), cricketing monks, and then a game of How Well Does Steve Waugh Know Steve Waugh?

The show continues where we discuss how much we just loved chatting to Steve, what questions we wanted to ask, Steve’s red handkerchief, week 2 of the NRL Finals, Dylan Alcott winning again, The French Open, Mick believing in ghosts, AFL Finals, Lakers winning in the NBA, GOAT, and The Bledisloe Cup.

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