Is Our Ideology Influenced By Terror?

Recently, the terror that was the Manchester attacks materialized, and it’s got many people predicting the reign of the far right will now continue because of it. There’s a general consensus that ideologically, people turn to the conservative side of things as a knee jerk and possibly xenophobic response to terror. Between Brexit, Trump and Hanson it seems people find these anti- immigration and anti- establishment policy’s an adequate antidote to fear.

But the recent French elections may have subverted this assumption. The reign of the right was dethroned when far right Marine Le Penn was beat out by centrist independent Emmanuel Macron.  Given France’s spate of terror attacks, many were surprised by this.

So to discuss what terror does to us ideologically and if it really does affect what party agenda we choose to align with, the Daily had a chat with Dr Steven Chavura, a political and historical theorist at Macquarie University.

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