In A Tent, Eating My Arm

This week on Across The Park, we are all so excited to be back together, that we start talking absolute nonsense, beginning with a large metal monolith being found in middle of nowhere in Utah, then we get into how long we’ve been apart, Gaby gets a new name, how the ARIA’s went, the use of Zoom, Comfy Tennis, sitting down at golf, tennis racquet restringing, how we would survive in the wilderness, SBS, the first one day international being played in Australia in what seems like years, Alyssa Healy and Ellyse Perry staring for the 6ers, great cricket, a cricket bio-security update (including Joel’s new sting), Diego Maradona, the A League and W League draws, the 2021 NRL draw, the rules of UNO, we play an ad, and then it’s game time!

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