Cathedrals of Industry: Re-purposing cultural heritage sites

What do we do with the remnants of industry once they are no longer being used to forge steel, process coal or repair trains? Industrial heritage sites are increasingly repurposed as cultural institutions in Sydney and elsewhere. But who decides what is of heritage ‘value’ and whose history is highlighted?

On this episode, Tamson and Anna discuss how industrial heritage sites have been repurposed in the Ruhr region of Germany and here in Sydney. They speak to Laila Ellmoos, an Historian with the City of Sydney and Stefan Berger, an Historian from The Ruhr-University Bochum.

For more information on the industrial heritage sites discussed, check out these case studies:


Eveleigh Carriage Workshop

Paddington Reservoir Garden

Ruhr, Germany:

Zollverein Mining Complex

Gasometer Oberhausen

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Photo: Eveleigh Depot- NSW State Archives

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