Interview with Alana Valentine about Barbara and the Camp Dogs

Regina Botros speaks with writer Alana Valentine about her co-writing experience in writing Barbara and the Camp Dogs.

Meet Barbara and her band the Camp Dogs. Barbara’s been trying to make it in Sydney, but this is a tough town for musicians. In all the relentless demands of city life, where’s the sense of belonging she craves? It’s time to hit the road with her cousin René.

Written by and starring the extraordinary Ursula Yovich as Barbara, Barbara and the Camp Dogs is a rock-gig featuring original new songs about love and home.

I heard Ursula sing these songs about three years ago. I get to see some fabulous things in my job but this was really electrifying. Urs doesn’t just have an incredible voice, she’s taken the idea of black rage and sung it out – and it’s so bold, so theatrical, so joyful. It’s Rock ‘n’ Roll, it’s politics and it’s very moving. – Eamon

Produced in association with Vicki Gordon Music Productions Pty Ltd

Indigenous theatre at Belvoir supported by The Balnaves Foundation

Troy Brady
Elaine Crombie
Ursula Yovich

Jessica Dunn 
(Musical Director & Bass Guitar)
Michelle Vincent 
Debbie Yap 

Writers Ursula Yovich Alana Valentine
Director Leticia Cáceres
Songs by Alana ValentineUrsula Yovich Adm Ventoura*
Set Designer Stephen Curtis
Costume Designer Chloe Greaves
Lighting Designer Karen Norris
Sound Designer Steve Toulmin
Musical Rehearsal Director Adm Ventoura
Stage Manager Luke McGettigan
Assistant Stage Manager Cecilia Nelson
Rehearsal Stage Manager Brooke Kiss
Rehearsal Assistant Stage Manager Bronte Axam
Directorial Secondment Riley Spadaro

*Vicki Gordon also contributed music to ‘Tick Sista’

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