Family Raves: Interview with DJ Kid Kenobi

Raves have a long and rich history, with the term being used as early as the 1950s. But overtime there has been a stigma attached to them because of their association with drugs and the moral panic in the 80s, perpetuated by the media when a party goer would overdose. These days, raves have evolved to be part of mainstream culture and whilst the stigma still exists, they’re more widely accepted by the public. Partying and clubbing is almost considered a right of passage to become an adult, but drinking and drugs remain a huge problem that have been difficult to combat.

Recently, events called “family raves” have gained popularity both here in Australia and overseas. These events are an opportunity for parents and kids to experience party culture in a safe environment, and bond over dancing and classic tunes. But do they encourage our kids to be actively involved in potentially dangerous party culture later in life, or is it a safe way to introduce them to it? We spoke to ARIA nominated DJ, Kid Kenobi, about his thoughts on family raves and their place in mainstream society.


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