Interview With An Artist – Britty Em

Each Thursday at 11:45am we profile an Australian artist – be they a sculptor, painter, drawer, weaver – someone working in the visual arts. 

Britty Em is a force of nature. Just like her paintings. Full of life and energy and passion, the Gold Coast artist creates colour filled works that stop you in your tracks.  Head to her Instagram @britty.em and you’ll see what I mean.

At 16 Britty held her first solo show and it sold out. However she left the easel behind and opened her own design agency after studying fine art and architecture.  With 10 years absence from the art world, Britty decided the time was right to come back. And what a re-entry it’s been. She was picked up by a gallery almost immediately and has seen her following grow year on year. 

Britty Em joined me from her home on the Gold Coast for this week’s Interview With An Artist. To hear the full interview, head to the Interview With An Artist podcast.


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