Interview With An Artist – Julie Battisti

Julie Battisti is a painter living and working on the south Island of New Zealand. In Dunedin to be exact. 

Julie paints the most glorious large scale works of billowing clouds and luxurious flowers. Sounds kind of dreamy right? And it is.

Escapism is one of her artistic drivers and its not at all surprising. You could definitely get lost in her works, exploring the detail and the depth, built up over layer upon layer of rich velvety oils. 

In this interview with an artist Julie and I delve into the artist gallery relationship and why she values it greatly.  We also look into the money side of being an artist and what impact it had on Julie’s commissions when she put her prices on her website. And finally we discuss her commissioning process, how it’s evolved and what it looks like now. 

Head to Julie’s instagram @juliebattisti and check out her rich works.

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