Interview With An Artist – Justin Scivetti

Interview With An Artist is a regular feature on 2SER’s Thursday Daily show. Each week, at 11:45AM Willy Russo profiles a new Australian artist. Guests may be many things; sculptors, painters, dancers, or writers, but they’ll always be interesting.

This week, Willy is joined live in the studio by Melbourne based painter Justin Scivetti. With paintings described as “floating between the real and surreal” Justin’s latest exhibition focuses on unique Australian landscapes. The exhibition, which opened on Wednesday at the Saint Cloche Gallery, is inspired by his trip to Broken Hill, and the deserts and towns he visited along the way.

For more on Justin’s art, including how his art began, and what his first piece of art was, listen to his interview with Willy. To take a look at his art, check out his Instagram @justmaurice, and for more Interview With An Artist, click here.


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