Is AI Art, ‘Art’?

Where do AI generated imagery fall in the world of art?

In September 2022, Jason M. Allen controversially won first prize in the Colorado State Fair’s “digital arts/digitally-manipulated photography” competition. This event sparked a growing debateĀ  in the art world and on social media over the legitimacy of AI generated artwork. Many artists are calling foul on AI art, and are vehemently opposed to its inclusion in the arts on both creative and legal grounds. However, controversy always follows new technology, one only has to take a look at the last century to see similar fierce opposition to photography’s standing as “legitimate” art.

To unpack the issue surrounding AI art, I spoke to someone with their foot in both worlds. Dr. Sara Oscar is a photographer and Senior Lecturer at UTS’s School of Design. Her research specialises in the cultural impacts of AI and deep neural networks. Hopefully, she can shine some light on the question ‘Is AI Art, ‘art’?


  • Dr. Sara Oscar: Senior Lecturer, UTS School of Design


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