Is Australian Law Protecting Threatened Species?

Think Sustainability

Episode 161

The State of the Environment 2021 report paints a grim picture of Australia’s biodiversity, including an increase in the number of listed threatened species. Experts have continuously pointed to legislation as a major hurdle to improve conservation. So, with the Australian government recently pledging to reform environmental legislation- could we close the legal loopholes and save our threatened species? In this special edition of Think: Sustainability a panel of experts tell us about the law reforms needed to conserve and protect threatened species.


  • Dr Ian Cresswell, Co-chair of the 2021 State of the Environment Report

  • Rachel Walmsley, Head of Policy and Law Reform, Environmental Defenders Office

  • Dr Leigh Martin, Ecologist and Environmental Sciences Program Director at the University of Technology Sydney

Producer/Presenter: Marlene Even

Music: Epidemic Sound


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