IWD 2023 On The Wire

Current Affairs program The Wire put together an excellent International Women’s Day special for 2023 from the Sydney office.

Associate Professor Ramona Vijeyarasa from the  Faculty of Law at UTS spoke deep fakes and AI, and specifically the harm that can be caused to women in the public eye.

The Community Radio Network’s Amanda Copp spoke about the representation of Women in Parliament being at an all time high, butmany have felt that there hasn’t been much change in the tone and behaviour in parliament with epithets, vitriol and point scoring still at traditional highs.

Nonie Finlayson from IPSOS spoke about the misconception that gender equality can only be achieved at the expense of men, and how younger people are cautious about calling out gender inequality.

You can listen to the whole program here, or the indvidual stories by clicking the hyperlinks above.


Monday 13th of March, 2023

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