J.P. Pomare’s In the Clearing

Today’s episode features J.P. Pomare discussing his latest novel In the Clearing

J.P. Pomare

J.P. Pomare’s debut novel Call Me Evie won the 2019 Ngaio Marsh award for best new novel and established Joshua as a gripping new voice in literary thrillers. On today’s show Joshua joins Andrew to discuss his latest novel In the Clearing.

In the Clearing

On a hot, humid, Australian summer day a van waits by an isolated road as an eight year girl disembarks from her school bus. As the bus disappears the van accelerates, its occupants dragging the girl inside and drugging her into unconsciousness. The young girl is being taken to the clearing and she is to be the eleventh of the twelve; children of the mother.

Freya lives in seclusion defiant in her freedom and independence but also captive to her secrets. When the news reports a kidnapped child her mind immediately races to her son and she fears for his safety.

Join us as we discover J.P. Pomare’s In the Clearing

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