Jaclyn Moriarty’s Gravity is the Thing

Jaclyn Moriarty features on today’s episode discussing her new novel Gravity is the Thing.

Jaclyn Moriarty

Jaclyn Moriarty is an award winning author of books for adults, children, and YA. Final Draft has featured Jaclyn before; discussing her fantasy series the Colours of Madeleine trilogy. In today’s Great Conversation she’ll be discussing her new novel Gravity is the Thing.

Gravity is the Thing

Gravity is the Thing begins with Abigail Sorensen. Abigail has been invited on an all expenses paid trip on an island off Tasmania’s coast. There she joins a group of strangers to discover ‘the secret’. All any of them know is that for most of their lives they have each received chapters of a mysterious book starting when they were fifteen.

This mysterious Guidebook is more than just a curiosity to Abigail. The first chapter arrived the day before her brother went missing and her whole life she has wondered at the connection.

What follows is a wonderful insight into what makes us human and the ways we search together.

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