Jeremy Lachlan’s Jane Doe and The Key of all Souls

Today’s episode features Jeremy Lachlan discussing his latest novel Jane Doe and The Key of all Souls

Jeremy Lachlan

Jeremy’s debut novel was 2019’s Jane Doe and the Cradle of All Worlds. The book took out the Australian Book Industry Award winner for Book of the Year for Older Children and we now have a follow up Jane Doe and The Key of all Souls.

Jane Doe and The Key of all Souls

The Jane Doe chronicles begin in the far away somewhere land of Bluehaven. Jane lives a thankless life caring for her father and avoiding the entire township who believe that she is cursed. 

When Jane narrowly escapes ritual sacrifice to appease the mythical manor, she must plunge headlong into the Manor to rescue her father. There she discovers she is not alone. The villainous Roth and his army of Leatherheads are scouring the Manor for the Cradle key. The key is a mythical object that will give its possessor control of all the worlds.

In the Key of all Souls Jane has narrowly escaped Roth but finds herself trapped in Arakaan. This desert world has been decimated by Roth’s armies and Jane finds herself at the mercy of Elsa; herself a refugee from the Manor.

Not knowing who to trust; Jane must unite the keys and return to the Manor before Roth opens the cradle and destroys not just Jane’s loved ones but all the united worlds!

Join us as we discover Jeremy Lachlan’s Jane Doe and The Key of all Souls

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