John Clarke’s The Tournament in the Australian Classics Book Club

The Tournament, from master satirist John Clarke is the feature of our first Australian Classics Book Club for 2019.

The Tournament

The Tournament is a novel about tennis. Except in the hands of John Clarke nothing is ever quite what it seems. Bringing together the great thinkers, artists and personalities of the twentieth century in Paris we are treated to a competition like no other. Tony Chekov is seeded at number one in the men’s round. Simone De Beauvoir is the favourite for the women’s round. Breathing down their necks is breakout Vinnie Van Gogh, surprising everyone as he reinvents the game stroke by stroke.

John Clarke’s Tournament of minds and balls is a sharply observed, pitch perfect satire of sporting commentary. Melding philosophy, history and line calls John Clarke’s The Tournament holds a lens up to the twentieth century.

Today’s Book Club features Text publisher Michael Heyward in conversation with Andrew Pople.

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