Kirklandd Bridges the Divide Between Love and Live

There’s something in the water in the Canberra region that breeds amazing art and in particular, hip-hop. Going back to the OG, Hau Latukefu, from Queanbeyan to Omar Musa, The Ansah Brothers – Citizen Kay & Genesis Owusu, Turquoise Prince, KG, Coda Conduct and you get the idea that there’s a community in the ‘berra that is throwing off the stiff image of politics and public servants and showing that it can be a centre of musical talent and community.

Kirklandd never rests. He has been consistently releasing music for years and each occasion, he steps it up with a collection of videos and concepts that show the collaborative creative mind of an artist that wants to give you that little bit more every time. He joined Mick & Tara to cover his debut EP, The Love Divide and talk about his upcoming Live release on bandcamp on the 20th of December.

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