Kirsty Everett’s Honey Blood

Today’s episode features Kirsty Everett discussing her compelling memoir Honey Blood.

Kirsty Everett

At age nine Kirsty Everett defied the odds and beat a cancer diagnosis. Kirsty was a successful gymnast and embraced life every way she could. Despite this tough battle, nothing could prepare Kirsty for when her cancer returned in her teens.
Honey Blood is the inspirational true story of Kirsty’s survival and thriving.

Honey Blood

Honey Blood is Kirsty’s story of survival from not one but two diagnoses of cancer. Given increasingly diminishing odds of surviving the cancers that threatened her young life Kirsty determined to live every moment to its fullest.

Taking in Kirsty’s successful career as a gymnast, her battle with bullying at high school and her determination to study and expand her life, Honey Blood is an inspiration for everyone.

Join me as we discover Kirsty Everett’s Honey Blood…

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