Kudos Live Vol 3: Dual Existence

Kudos Live: Volume 3: Dual Existence focuses on the relationship between live acts and the documentation of such acts. Dual Existence looks to the potential for creative experimentation to find alternative ways of viewing live art. 

Dual Existence features a huge line up of artists including Eugene Choi, Loc Nguyen, Amy Claire Isabelle, Get To Work and Ella Byrne.

Sophie spoke with curator Kate Stodart to find out more about the night as well as ‘TALKIN’ ABOUT TALKIN’ ABOUT ART’, a writing workshop happening the following day.

Kudos Live: Volume 3: Dual Existence, Kudos Gallery at UNSW, 5 June, 6 – 9:30pm, TALKIN’ ABOUT TALKIN’ ABOUT ART 6 June, 11am – 2pm, register here

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