Lahgo Release Debut EP ‘Chasing the City’

Have you ever been to a concert where the music is so good it takes people’s pants off?  

That’s what you can expect from the Sydney rock band Lahgo. Forming back in 2020 the four-piece band has a strong bond giving you the sense that they have been together for decades. In an interview with the beast magazine, Lahgo’s drummer Danny Rixx described the band’s sound as Lahgoish, which are Strong feminine vocals, pocket grooves, and giant rock choruses. And lots of harmonies. Having to make live performances more engaging for sitdown audiences after covid Lahos guitarist Pablo Smooth would often find himself running around the stage in his golden jocks.

They have been through lockdowns together and have been killing it on the live music scene creating a colt following and playing sold-out shows at some of Sydney’s most Iconic venues. Earlier this year Lahgo released their debut EP titled ‘Chasing The City’ which can be streamed on Linkedin! If you want to see their iconic live performance they will be playing on the 24th this Friday at the Lansdowne. 

The Laricans of Lahgo Danny Rixx and Pablo Smooth came into the studio to have a yarn and try some of Wednesday drives most iconic foreign foods (warning gagging sounds coming up). You can catch the interview above.

Get your tickets to Lagho’s EP Launch at the Landsdown this Friday the 24th here.

Stream Lahgo’s debut EP Chasing The City here.

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