Lay all your love on me – Introducing Relationship and Intimacy coach Susie Kim!

This Wednesday on Drive, Mitch Lumsden spoke with Susie Kim – a relationship and intimacy coach. Susie spoke about how to help you combat relationship + intimacy issues. She delved into some of the common struggles that you find people are dealing with in their relationships

We reached out to you, our listeners, to ask Susie your dire questions. Gaining insight into exactly how to know if they’re just a situationship or end game? *pause for cringe*

Before studying her masters of counselling, Susie had been working in criminal law. In the interview she talks about her decision to transition from criminal law to relationship + intimacy coaching and how she felt the need to make that career change was prevalent enough to take the leap.

We loved having Susie on! Be sure to listen to the interview to hear what she has to say and how to make those little changes in your relationship today!

Check out her website where she has a downloadable toolkit to get you started and follow her on insta to share the looooooorv <3

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