Lessons from Luke Price: Coaching Australia’s National Dodgeball Team.

Australia has a national dodgeball team and they just dominated at the 2018 World Cup.

The Women’s Dodgeroos team took home a Bronze in the championship, held earlier in August at New York’s prestigious Madison Square Gardens.

So why didn’t we hear about it more?

Despite the significant media coverage and interest the sport gets internationally, Dodgeball is still a growing sport here in Australia, but it does have its own National Federation and League. Unlike in Soccer and Rugby, players can come from all shapes, sizes and abilities, which also makes the sport uniquely accessible. Plus, you can never go wrong with a game you played in high school PE class.

We chatted to Luke Price, coach of the national team, to learn more about this upcoming sport and to learn what it takes to represent Australia in the national team.

You can get involved with the sport by visiting the The Australian Dodgeball Federation.

If you’re looking to play, find your local league and head down for a friendly game.


Image via The Australian Dodgeball Federation

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