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Beryl - 2SER Local Artist Spotlight

Welcome to the 2SER’s Local Artist Spotlight, a weekly segment where we get the lowdown on some of the amazing artists making vital music in our very own city. This week, Mitch Lumsden caught up with local indie folk band Beryl…

Beryl is an Eora/Sydney-based art-folk duo who craft beautifully intimate music and have been sharing their euphoric sound with the local scene for some years now.

Their latest single “Bad Joke” is a beautiful introspective track that evolves effortlessly from its dreamy guitars and nostalgic vocals to its twisted and distorted outro. Recorded across a two-week stint in-studio with producer Blain Cunneen, the forthcoming album from Beryl saw band members Gabriela and Alex develop their original home-recorded demos into lush and full-bodied compositions, adding layers upon layers and discovering new sounds and ideas along the way.

Check out the new single “Bad Joke” on all streaming platforms and follow Beryl here for their upcoming releases and more.

Produced by Mitch Lumsden.

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