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Local Artist Spotlight – Malaika Mfalme

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Malaika Mfalme on Yours, Mine & Femme!

This week on the Local Artist Spotlight on 2SER, Beth Tracey and Isabella Michie from ‘Yours, Mine & Femme!’ caught up with the Tanzanian/Australian artist Malaika Mfalme…

The debut album “Yasmin” from songwriter Malaika Mfalme is a profound yet intimate folk record that channels immense feelings of grief, loss, joy and self-acceptance. Malaika creates intimate sonic soundscapes to act as the foundation for their beautiful lyricism and voice across the nine tracks.

Beth Tracey and Isabella Michie recently chatted with Malaika on ‘Yours, Mine & Femme!’, going through the album track by track and discussing its origins and the themes presented throughout.

“Yasmin” is out now independently on Bandcamp and Spotify and you can get tickets to Malaika’s album launch on December 14th at the Red Rattle Theatre in Marrickville here.

Article produced by Mitch Lumsden.

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