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O.M.R. 2SER Local Artist Spotlight

If you haven’t heard by now, O.M.R. is turning up the dial on the Eora/Sydney DIY punk scene with their unique discography of gritty garage rock headbangers!

O.M.R. (a.k.a Orson’s Martian Radio) is a psychedelic garage rock four-piece hailing from Eora/Sydney, known for high-impact shows laced with trippy, spaced-out vocals and emphatic guitar riffs.

The band released their debut EP Nails” in June this year and came in to chat about the release, experiences playing DIY house gigs, the origins of the band and more!

You can listen to the new EP on Spotify now and follow the band here for news about upcoming gigs.

Produced by Mitch Lumsden.

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