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SelfDivision - 2SER Local Artist Spotlight

This week on the Local Artist Spotlight on 2SER, Mitch Lumsden caught up with Eora/Sydney-based artist SelfDivision…

SelfDivision invites you into the dark and hypnotic soundscapes carved out by the project’s founder Jess Fitzgibbon, whose latest release “Our Love” embodies this sound perfectly. Pairing the club-focused production of Four Tet and Massive Attack with haunting and gliding vocals, “Our Love” pays homage to past relationships and moving forward. 

Producer, singer, and songwriter Jess Fitzgibbon caught up with Mitch Lumsden on Drive to discuss “Our Love” and the creative process behind SelfDivision, whose debut full-length LP is set to be released later this year.


Make sure to check out “Our Love” now on all streaming platforms and follow SelfDivision here to keep up to date with new music and gigs!

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